“Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.”


We visited Cades Cove in late August 2013.  We turned off the main road onto a side road.  There was a mother deer and her baby frolicking in a field.  It was really cute to see them play together like that.

We headed back onto the loop to go to the area where they have a homestead set up.  We hit a bear jam (This is basically a whole bunch of cars parked along the road and holding up traffic).  There was a little baby cub in a field running toward the front of our car.  We were so close to that baby.  I was wondering where the mother was.  We did not get out.  We drove a little further and saw a big bear up in a tree.  It was just lounging around like it didn’t have a care in the world.  We drove down the road and saw an adolescent bear eating berries.  Evidently, the nuts they usually eat are not ready at that time of year yet.  So, they are all coming out to eat the berries off of the trees.  We went to the area with all the homesteads and the mill and we saw another bear up a tree.  That is the most bears I have ever seen in the Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Cades Cove is a must when visiting the area.petchallenge


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