Seasons are Changing

Mountain-Sunset  I love the area in which I live.  I love the changing seasons.  I enjoy swimming in the summer. watching the leaves change in the fall, Sledding with my children in the winter and watching the new life immerge in the spring.  With each change in season, I am reminded of the little things that make that season so wonderful.

I got in the shower on one particularly cold October morning and turned the heat on full blast.  I had forgotten the feeling of a nice warm shower.  I felt invigorated and excited about the seasons beginnings.  I look forward to pumpkin carving, Halloween trick or treating, Thanksgiving with family, changing leaves and the beautiful colors of autumn.  autumn mountains

The fall is particularly beautiful in the Smokies.  You really feel that God has painted this beautiful picture for you.  He changes it every day.  He is a wonderful artist.  It looks like a multi colored blanket spread over the mountains.

One of the best things about the changing seasons is that you don’t have to miss the last one.  It will be back soon enough.  You can enjoy every season every year.  By the end of one season, I am ready for the next.  I never get tired of the changing seasons.   I look forward to them.


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