Love to read other peoples experiences about Dollywood

When I was a child, I got a Dollywood season pass for Christmas almost every year, as did most of my cousins. Some of the best memories of my childhood come from when my grandmother would turn us kids loose in the park, and we pretty much wreaked havoc for several hours. When you’re 13 […]

via The 5 Best Things About Dollywood — Knox-Thirty


2 thoughts on “Love to read other peoples experiences about Dollywood”

  1. Dollywood is amazing!! I love going to the shows. The singers and dancers are amazing! I went on one of the rollercoasters where most of the rollercoaster is hidden inside a building. It was definitely a thrill ride. We usually end our stay with a visit to all the art shops. There is so much to look at like leather making, pottery, glass blowing, etc. We love Dollywood!


  2. We were surprised to see how many roller coasters Dollywood has. My children loved it. We only spent one day at the park. We got there very early and stayed until late at night. We were exhausted. You could easily spend two or three days and still not see everything you want to see. And, it changes every season.


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