Preacher’s Smokehouse

The Preacher’s Smokehouse is a very good barbeque place in the area. We recommend the burnt ends or pork. The chili is also very good.

It is only open Thursday through Saturday. It is located less than a mile from the intersection of Pitman Center Road, Birds Creek Road and Upper Middle Creek Road.


There is a father and three sons who run the place. It began because the Preacher wanted to cook and provide food for all first responders during the fires of Gatlinburg in late 2016. The first responders were served barbeque pork. The father – Sam had been cooking since his boys were young. They wanted to find a place where they could cook for their ministry. They do a lot of ministry work for knoxville and surrounding area. They found this location which used to be a barbeque place and started “Preacher’s Smokehouse”.

There is an indoor area and there are also picnic tables set up under a tent outside.


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