Parrot Mountain

Parrot Mountain is four acres of beautiful land with hundreds of tropical birds and thousands of different kinds of plants.

Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge

You’ll find parrot cottages and tropical birds. Once you enter the Secret Garden, you’ll see toucans, hornbills and more flying freely.

There are over 50 birds to feed.

There is also a baby bird nursery to visit where you can pet the babies and watch them be hand-fed. If you’re interested in purchasing a bird to take home, you can choose one from the nursery.

Parrot Mountain and Gardens also has beautiful landscaping, including a waterfall, beautiful flowers and plants and benches for relaxing.

We really enjoyed having the birds talk to us and holding the birds. The people there are very knowledgeable.

The parking lot is on a steep surface, so be careful. The paths are a little steep, but I did see someone in a cart brining around someone on crutches, so they will accommodate people.

For more information about Parrot Mountain click HERE


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