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Gourley’s Pond in Cades Cove:

This pond is often overlooked by visitors who come to Cades Cove.

Many have been to Gourley’s Pond in the Cove and wondered about those who lived near by. I’ve asked many a ranger and none have known about it’s history. The only name I’ve come up with is James Gourley and  that the “pond” is really a sinkhole as is the smaller “pond” just above and to the south of the larger  sinkhole.

There are some stone remains slightly to the southeast of the pond that may have been from a Tipton.

Gourley’s Pond is not visible from the Cades Cove Loop Road. You can leave your car at the LeQuite Cemetery after you pass the south end of Sparks Lane. From there, you’ll walk down the loop road for about 200 feet until you see the path on your right. Then, you’ll follow that path for about 100 feet until you see the pond.

A Pond in Cades Cove – GoSmokies (


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