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Fallen Desires Tattoo Shop & Oddities

The handmade items inside the store will give you some different options or what the shops owner calls, oddities. Fallen Desires Tattoo Shop & Oddities is full of unique items you won’t find at any ordinary store. From skulls, taxidermy, to candle caskets and even witch’s ornaments for good luck it’s all inside. The owner said the goal of the store is to provide a place where artists can show off their work and express themselves through their art. 

“We’re giving artists just a space to showcase their work and catch that alternative lifestyle kind of customer and just having that space for them,” said Marsena Martinez, Fallen Desires Tattoo Shop & Oddities Owner. “It’s important to me because growing up as an artist and just wanting to express myself as who I am and what I love. For me, art is my everyday life.”

You’ll find this store in The Glades Center in the heart of the arts and crafts area.

600 Glades Rd #9 in Gatlinburg


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