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Uncle Hanks Knives

Hank and LouAnn at Uncle Hank’s Knives will treat you like family.

Make your own knife, or purchase hand made knives one of a kind. Private classes one on one with Uncle Hank.

Uncle Hank’s sits in a tiny home which is one of the oldest brick building in Sevierville, right in the parking lot of Smoky Mountain Knife Works. It’s here that you can take classes from Hank and make your own knife! Hank makes it very easy to understand how everything is going to work, and the safety of each tool you will encounter.

Move from firing and hammering then to sanding… to hardening… and finally to sharpening and polishing.

Hank has worked with kids as young as 5 years and as old as 90 years.

The knife making session takes about 3 hours for four knives but you can make a smaller knife in as little as 30 minutes. Just be sure to make a reservation as soon as you know you are heading to the area. Appointments are all private and they fill up fast.


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