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Smoky Mountain Knife Works

While knives are the main feature in this store, visitors will also find dinosaur bones and meteorites.  

SMOKY MOUNTAIN KNIFE WORKS IS heralded as the “World’s largest knife showplace.” The showroom covers more than 100,000 square feet and has more than a million visitors annually.

The store is home to a massive collection of museum-quality cutlery memorabilia, artifacts, and mounts—as well as a plethora of knives and outdoor equipment.

Inside, visitors will also find the Smoky Mountain Relic Room, a room filled with an extensive collection of fossils, gems, minerals, artifacts, and meteorites. Visitors will also find dinosaur bones and early tools. Many of the artifacts in this room are also for sale. 

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Wears Valley Food Trucks

Food truck park opens by Sevierville Friday, Wears Valley Social

Want to experience the best of Sevierville culture all in one spot? Then, you definitely need to plan a trip to the Wears Valley Social. One part food truck park, another part arts and crafts fair, this innovative space lets you join your friends, family, and neighbors for a great time. The food trucks and craft vendors rotate out on the regular, so be sure to visit often to experience all it has to offer.  

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Sevierville TN Driving Tours

The Douglas Lake Fall Driving Tour wings the rolling hills and fertile river bottoms where the Knoxville, Sevierville & Eastern Railroad (later called the Smoky Mountain Railroad) once ran. Boyd’s Creek is a historic farming community dating back to the American Revolution. Highlights of this tour include historic homes, a See Rock City barn and the Battle of Boyd’s Creek Memorial. Visit an art gallery, drive by the Kyker Farms Corn Maze and take a walk along the Douglas Dam with great views of Douglas Lake.

Follow the Middle Prong Fall Driving Tour to see historic churches, a cantilever barn, and an early Methodist Mission. Or make your way along country roads on the English Mountain Fall Driving Tour. This tour features one of the few remaining covered bridges in Tennessee, a Civil War battle site and more.

Sevierville’s Bluff Mountain Fall Driving Tour This tour works its way to the top of Bluff Mountain noting important sites and historic buildings along the way. Enjoy spectacular views once at the top.

Off the Beaten Path Driving Tour

Start the tour at the iconic Dolly Parton Statue located on the lawn of the historic 1896 Sevier County Courthouse at 126 Court Avenue. If you have plenty of time, take a “Discover Sevierville Historic Walking Tour” brochure from the kiosk in front of the statue, and take a few minutes to see some of the points of interest in downtown Sevierville. Leave Court Avenue traveling north to East Main Street. Turn right at the traffic light. In two blocks the street becomes Dolly Parton Parkway (Highway 411). Continue to the junction of Long Springs Road (Highway 339).

Boyds Creek Fall Driving Tour To view a printer-friendly map of the Boyds Creek Fall Driving Tour, click here. Begin your tour in historic downtown Sevierville. Enjoy quaint shops and eateries and make a stop at the Dolly Parton Statue located on the lawn of the iconic Sevier County Courthouse at 125 Court Avenue. Created by Jim Gray, the six-and-a-half-foot statue was erected to honor Sevierville native Dolly Parton, an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, actress, author, and philanthropist.

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Apple Barn Village

The barn was purchased in 1972 by the Hicks and Kilpatrick families, and the original structure goes all the way back to 1910. These families scrubbed the barn clean one board at a time and started planting apple trees around the area. The Apple Barn opened its doors in 1981, and the two families’ orchard now has more than 4,000 trees.

See the original barn from 1972 with tons of yummy treats.

The first addition to the apple barn was the Cider Room where visitors could watch all the apples being pressed into delicious cider and then be served a glass, hot or cold. You can watch apples from their 4,000 trees being pressed into cider, which you can sample! Eventually the scrumptious apples made their way into all sorts of baked goods for visitors to enjoy. Today you can enjoy apple pies, doughnuts, dumplings and more at The Apple Barn.

The Apple Barn Village continued to expand over the next few decades, eventually developing a recipe for their very own applewood smoked ham and bacon, and of course their famous mountain apple butter. Visitors can purchase these goods and more in the village’s general store.

There is also a candy shop and ice creamery that the kids will love. And for the parents, don’t miss a tasting at the Apple Barn Winery. The Apple Barn Winery is part of the Rocky Top Wine Trail. The winery boasts a hand crafted flavorful selection made from local fruit. Wine connoisseurs will enjoy both the free tastings and the great selection of wine accessories in the gift shop.

One of the most exciting additions to the village was the original Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant, voted best breakfast, restaurant, and southern food in 2019. It didn’t take long for the owners to realize the extremely high demand of their tasty meals, and they opened an additional restaurant (The Applewood Farmhouse Grill) in 1995.

The newest addition to village is the Cider House, offering hand crafted hard ciders on site. The masterminds behind these tasty beverages utilize a sterile filtration method rather than a full pasteurization process to retain as much of the crispy apple cider taste as possible. And it’s more than just apples; there are flavors combined with things like loganberries and muscadines.

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Uncle Hanks Knives

Hank and LouAnn at Uncle Hank’s Knives will treat you like family.

Make your own knife, or purchase hand made knives one of a kind. Private classes one on one with Uncle Hank.

Uncle Hank’s sits in a tiny home which is one of the oldest brick building in Sevierville, right in the parking lot of Smoky Mountain Knife Works. It’s here that you can take classes from Hank and make your own knife! Hank makes it very easy to understand how everything is going to work, and the safety of each tool you will encounter.

Move from firing and hammering then to sanding… to hardening… and finally to sharpening and polishing.

Hank has worked with kids as young as 5 years and as old as 90 years.

The knife making session takes about 3 hours for four knives but you can make a smaller knife in as little as 30 minutes. Just be sure to make a reservation as soon as you know you are heading to the area. Appointments are all private and they fill up fast.