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Top 5 Family Friendly Restaurants in Pigeon Forge

When you come to Pigeon Forge, you want to know where the best places are to eat with your family. We want to share some of these top eateries with you! Here are the top 5 family friendly restaurants in Pigeon Forge:


  1. Blue Moose Burgers


Blue Moose Burgers is a casual restaurant in Pigeon Forge that’s perfect for everyone in the family. This eatery is best known for its mouth-watering burgers and wings in a variety of flavors. You can get a classic burger with all your favorite toppings, or try a burger with unique toppings you never even thought would sound good on a burger. Choose between your own wings or sharing with the whole family. You have so many flavors to choose from, such as mild buffalo, honey BBQ, or Carribean jerk. Blue Moose also has hot dogs, other kinds of sandwiches, and salads.


  1. Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen


When you visit Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, you’ll feel like you’re right at home. The food you can get at this restaurant in Pigeon Forge is just like your grandmother used to make. Plus, you’ll feel like you never left home since the food is served family style. As a table, you choose between two meats and four sides to share with everyone. You can eat at Paula Deen’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Some favorites on the menu include beef pot roast, meatloaf, fried chicken, green beans, candied yams, and baked mac and cheese.


  1. Big Daddy’s Pizzeria


Does your family want pizza? Then you should head to Big Daddy’s Pizzeria. This restaurant in Pigeon Forge has an arcade, which will keep you and the kids entertained before and after dinner! You can choose from specialty pizzas, such as a traditional pepperoni or something different like a Hawaiian. Don’t see a pizza with all your favorite toppings? You can always build your own! Big Daddy’s also serves wings, salads, and sandwiches.


  1. Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que


If you’ve never had southern barbeque, you have to try some at Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que. They have pulled pork sandwiches, brisket, baby back ribs, and all your other favorites. All of the meat is slow roasted over wood to get that smoky flavor and basted in homemade barbeque sauce. Sides to go with your meat include potato salad, french fries, baked beans, spicy mac and cheese, and more. Want to do something really fun? Grab a family meal pack and take it to a picnic area in the national park!


  1. No Way Jose’s Mexican Cantina


In the mood for chips and salsa? No Way Jose’s Mexican Cantina has all your favorite dishes. Grab a bowl of queso to share with the table. You can get any of the dishes you love: fajitas, tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, chimichangas, and combo dishes when you can’t decide what you want. They even have traditional Mexican dishes you might want to try. No Way Jose’s also has a great bar selection, so you can get a margarita with your meal or any other cocktail you enjoy.
There are so many restaurants in Pigeon Forge to choose from. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it! Look at these other places to eat in Pigeon Forge for some more ideas!

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Dolly Parton’s Pirate Dinner Theater

Pirate battles, live animals, custom-designed costumes, and more.  Arrive 50 minutes before the show for the chance to explore Pirates Village, where your kids (and you too!) can dress up like pirates and mermaids and enjoy pirate-themed beverages and snacks.  adjacent to The Island in Pigeon Forge and includes a 30,000 square-foot arena that seats nearly 700 guests. During the show, guests will get to see the Crimson and Sapphire pirates battle on deck, in the water, and in the sky above their full-sized pirate ships in a 15-foot-deep indoor lagoon.  Enjoy a four-course pirate feast at the show! The menu will include the Walk the Plank Peach Turnover, creamy vegetable soup and fried chicken.



Pigeon Forge Deli

A true deli that makes it’s own bread.  Everything is quality from the service to the food.  I got the Chub and my friend got the Reuben.  She said it was the best Reuben she ever had.  The full chub is probably too much for most people to eat.  I have a huge appetite and regretted eating it all.

The Pigeon Forge Deli is about 1 block from main highway on Wears Valley Road in small shopping center. In corner out of view so look for signs.    Image result for pigeon forge deli

It is on East Wears Valley Road on the side of the Parkway that has Dollywood and the Island.
159 E Wears Valley Rd, suite 13 – IN THE CORNER OF 2 BUILDINGS, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863-3255

Beef Jerky Outlet

beef jerkeyThe Beef Jerky Outlet specializes in all kinds of beef jerky from original to fiery hot, with over 200 varieties in all. The store offers free samples for those who like to try a wide variety of flavors before purchasing.  But beware, my husband was at the peppers shop and put a free sample in his mouth before reading the sign.  It was too hot for him.  He was sweating and really having a hard time with it. beef jerkey2

The world’s largest selection of beef, turkey and wild game jerky are available at Beef Jerky Outlets.  Bulk jerky can be found in covered barrels and is sold by the pound, while packs of pre-sealed jerky and pound jerky jars can be found on the shelves.   The Beef Jerky Outlet offers a unique selection of jerky, sausage and snack foods.  There are 200 or more different kinds of jerky, including exotics like alligator and kangaroo. They have some other items, too like sausages, popcorns and peanut butters for example.  The Beef Jerky Outlet sells USDA Beef Jerky that can’t be bought at markets or convenience stores. All of their suppliers use whole muscle beef which is raised in the United States.

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Address:  Gatlinburg – 903 Parkway, Suite 102, Gatlinburg, TN

Pigeon Forge – 2716 Parkway, Suite 4A, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, (865) 365-1364


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Dillsboro Chocolate Factory

chocolatesVisitors can enjoy the complete line of Dillsboro Chocolate Factory’s award winning chocolates and smooth creamy fudge.  The Chocolate Factory makes some of the finest chocolate treats around using only gourmet single bean Venezuelan cocoa for all of its tasty treats. Specialties include Smoky Mountain Truffles and Shooters, along with a wide assortment of dipped and molded chocolates available in milk, dark and white chocolate.

The Smoky Mountain Truffles are all named for iconic places in the Smokies like Chimney Tops, Cades Cove, Cold Mountain and Black Rock. Each flavor of truffle has a unique recipe. Chimney Tops is a chai tea truffle flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon, black tea and cloves. This truffle earned first place in the 2009 Taste of Chocolate show in Waynesville, NC. There are over a dozen original Smoky Mountain Truffle flavors available.

DarkTurtleShooters are the newest line of fine chocolates created by the Dillsboro Chocolate Factory. Shooters take the award winning Ganache  (chocolate cream filling) recipe used in making the truffles and adds a touch of spirits to create interesting new flavors.  Fire Jack shooters are made with milk chocolate Ganache infused with cinnamon and Jack Daniels.  Apple Martini shooters are made with white chocolate Ganache infused with Apple Pucker and apple cider.

The Chocolate Factory’s Wild Turkey shooter earned first place honors in the Professional Division at the 2012 Taste of Chocolate held in Maggie Valley, NC. Wild Turkey shooters start with creamy milk chocolate Ganache infused with caramel, fine crushed pecans and of course real Wild Turkey 101. As a final touch, the Wild Turkey shooter is topped with the Dillsboro Chocolate Factory’s own butter toffee.

While the truffles and shooters are delicious, the heart of the Dillsboro Chocolate Factory is the handmade chocolates and fudge. There are dozens of flavors of handmade chocolate and fudge treats.

For more adventurous chocolate lovers there is a specialty line of savory chocolates each made with spices. These include hot spicy Aztec bars, Cajun chocolate and a unique ginger chocolate. Every now and then the Chocolate Factory offers Caribbean Jerk chocolate as well as whole peppercorn chocolate bars.

For fudge lovers there are more than a dozen flavors made each week in Dillsboro and brought over to Pigeon Forge as well as the Beef Jerky Outlet stores in the area. Summer fun flavors include watermelon and key lime pie which is made with real Key Lime juice from Key Largo, Florida with an original recipe graham cracker crust . Of course there is always good old plain chocolate fudge as well.

Courtesy of PR Web

The Pigeon Forge location will be closing at the beginning of August 2014.

Address – 2726 Parkway Unit 4A , Pigeon Forge TN  37863

Website –

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Our Pick for the best sports bar in Gatlinburg

vrbo-Legacy-Mountain-amenities-Picnic-Pavillion JudyWe were all set to see the game on the TV at our cabin.  We talked about going up to the pool and watching it at the pavilion.  We had snacks, drinks, etc…  The TV station said the game would be on next.  But when the time came for the game to come on, there was a documentary instead.  So, we looked up sports bars in Gatlinburg on the internet and set out to find a good sports bar to watch the game.

The first bar we came to (that was advertised as a sports bar on the internet) had one TV.  The gentleman could not find the game we wanted.  Our team was 10 hours away.  But, we thought a sports bar with multiple TVs would have our game.  Then we went up the strip to another bar.  This bar had multiple TVs.  There was one section with no one sitting there.  We asked if they could change the TV to our game.  They said the TVs are preset and they cannot change them.  So, off we went.  The next bar just handed us the remote and told us to find it.  Which we could not.  So, off we went.  We came to this bar called Drafts.  It is at traffic light number 6.  It is right across from the Ripley’s Aquarium.  It had several TVs.  it was not crowded.  It had cathedral ceilings and was very spacious inside.  We asked to watch the game on one TV and the race on another.  They were very accommodating.  The waitress, Karen, even offered to turn the fireplace on for us.  They had $.50 wings and $5.00 pitchers.  What a find.

Bears 3 cubsDraft’s had large glass windows all around the bar to give the bar an even bigger feeling.  You could watch the people walk by outside.  Someone came in the door and said “There are bears out here if anyone wants to see them”.  My brother went around the corner after them.  He got right up close and took some great pictures with his cell phone.  The bears came back around and I went out to see them.  They were on the other side of a little fence.  At first I thought great, there is a fence, but as I got closer to the bears, the fence looked awfully small.  So, I backed away.  There was a mom and three cubs.  I thought three cubs were unusual.  The cubs were almost as big as the mother.  It was really neat to see them right there in downtown Gatlinburg.bears with little fence

We went back into the bar and spoke to the manager and told him that he had the best sports bar in Gatlinburg.  He said that if our guests mention they are staying with Cabins in the Clouds, he will give them a discount.  What a great place to enjoy the game and Gatlinburg at the same time.

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