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Smoky Mountain Knife Works

While knives are the main feature in this store, visitors will also find dinosaur bones and meteorites.  

SMOKY MOUNTAIN KNIFE WORKS IS heralded as the “World’s largest knife showplace.” The showroom covers more than 100,000 square feet and has more than a million visitors annually.

The store is home to a massive collection of museum-quality cutlery memorabilia, artifacts, and mounts—as well as a plethora of knives and outdoor equipment.

Inside, visitors will also find the Smoky Mountain Relic Room, a room filled with an extensive collection of fossils, gems, minerals, artifacts, and meteorites. Visitors will also find dinosaur bones and early tools. Many of the artifacts in this room are also for sale. 

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Uncle Hanks Knives

Hank and LouAnn at Uncle Hank’s Knives will treat you like family.

Make your own knife, or purchase hand made knives one of a kind. Private classes one on one with Uncle Hank.

Uncle Hank’s sits in a tiny home which is one of the oldest brick building in Sevierville, right in the parking lot of Smoky Mountain Knife Works. It’s here that you can take classes from Hank and make your own knife! Hank makes it very easy to understand how everything is going to work, and the safety of each tool you will encounter.

Move from firing and hammering then to sanding… to hardening… and finally to sharpening and polishing.

Hank has worked with kids as young as 5 years and as old as 90 years.

The knife making session takes about 3 hours for four knives but you can make a smaller knife in as little as 30 minutes. Just be sure to make a reservation as soon as you know you are heading to the area. Appointments are all private and they fill up fast.

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Fallen Desires Tattoo Shop & Oddities

The handmade items inside the store will give you some different options or what the shops owner calls, oddities. Fallen Desires Tattoo Shop & Oddities is full of unique items you won’t find at any ordinary store. From skulls, taxidermy, to candle caskets and even witch’s ornaments for good luck it’s all inside. The owner said the goal of the store is to provide a place where artists can show off their work and express themselves through their art. 

“We’re giving artists just a space to showcase their work and catch that alternative lifestyle kind of customer and just having that space for them,” said Marsena Martinez, Fallen Desires Tattoo Shop & Oddities Owner. “It’s important to me because growing up as an artist and just wanting to express myself as who I am and what I love. For me, art is my everyday life.”

You’ll find this store in The Glades Center in the heart of the arts and crafts area.

600 Glades Rd #9 in Gatlinburg

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The Historic Old Mill in Pigeon Forge

Historic Old Mill

You will take a step back in time and watch the millers grind Old Mill grains using the same equipment that was used when the mill was built in 1830. Learn how the stones are turned by harnessing the power of the Little Pigeon River, and hear stories about the mill’s history over the years! The mill is still used to grind fresh grains used by the Old Mill restaurant and Pottery House Cafe and Grille as well as sold in the Old Mill General Store.

It is also one of the most photographed mills in the country, so be sure to bring your phone or camera with you so you can capture the beautiful sight!

Shops at The Old Mill

While you’re at The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, take some time to browse the many shops! You can find at The Old Mill Square.

The Old Mill General Store – The Old Mill General Store is right next to the mill. You can buy bags of stone-ground cornmeal, grits, mix for fritters, and more. This shop also has a variety of fun gifts and souvenirs.

View of Pigeon River Pottery at the Old Mill Square Pigeon Forge

Pigeon River Pottery – Their potters still use the same process today that they did 50 years ago, and you can even watch them as they work at the potter’s wheel in the demonstration studio! The potters are recreating traditional designs with clay that’s unique to the area and finishing them with glazes developed to reflect the colors of nature in the Smoky Mountains.

Sassafras –Sassafras is a shop just for the ladies, offering purses, booths, hats, scarves, fashion jewelry, and clothing.

The Old Mill Farmhouse Kitchen – You can find everything from their famous corn chowder to serving pieces. The staff at this shop also specializes in custom gift baskets so you can create your own special gift for your friends or family!

Food & Fun at The Old Mill

One of the things The Old Mill is recognized for the most is its delicious Southern food. The restaurants use products ground at The Old Mill in their dishes.

Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge

The Old Mill Restaurant – The Old Mill Restaurant offers a true taste of Southern hospitality. This restaurant is known for its old-fashioned Southern food. Ample portion sizes will keep you full all day.

Pottery House Cafe & Grille – When the weather is nice, you can dine outside on the patio beside the small pond. For lunch and dinner, the restaurant serves grilled salmon, fresh local trout, quality steaks, and, of course, Southern comfort foods. Enjoy freshly baked breads, fried chicken, or shrimp & grits.

The Old Mill Creamery – Order one of their sundaes, shakes, grinders or homemade ice cream sandwiches.

The Old Mill Candy Kitchen in Pigeon Forge.

The Old Mill Candy Kitchen – At The Old Mill Candy Kitchen, you’ll find homemade chocolates, taffy, and their famous Bear Paws, which is an original chocolate, caramel, and nut creation. In the open kitchen, you can watch as candy makers make homemade chocolates, pour caramel on slabs for cooling, dip apples, and more.

There are also many more shops on the side streets which are definitely worth taking a peak.

The Forge

There is a place where they demonstrate how to make things forged in fire. You can make a knife handle. Neat place to spend some time.

Old Forge Distillery

There is also a moonshine distillery called the Old Forge Distillery. Here you can sample some moonshine flavors.