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Ober Gatlinburg

ober-gatlinburg-2012From downtown Gatlinburg, hop onto the largest aerial tramway in the U.S. for a ride to this ski resort with a 600-foot vertical drop, eight beautiful trails and an amusement park complete with indoor ice skating, miniature golf and water rides.  Ober Gatlinburg is a popular attraction for skiing and snowboarding.  It also has a 400 foot long Tubing Park.  The area is a beautiful area with different areas of entertainment.

At the top you will also find a  few shops and a small amusement area (arcade, carousel, outdoor rides).  If you want to ride the rides, see the animals, or go further up the mountain on the ski lift you have to pay extra.  The reviews all complain that everything is an additional cost.  There is a wrist band you can purchase instead of buying individual tickets for things.  Maybe this will be a better bargain.  The tram ride seems to be worth it.  It has a nice view.  The little amusement park is good for kids about 5-10 years old.

The Ice Bumper Cars are round colorful tubes with wheels and their own motor, which lets you glide around the ice with ease. The controls are similar to a video game, and you can choose to race around the ice or smash into other cars like a true game of bumper cars!

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