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Mystery Mansion

Mysterious Mansion
424 River Road, Gatlinburg, TN

The three-story haunted house is the city’s oldest spooky attraction.  This is a self guided tour of this once grand, old Victorian home.  Walk behind McDonald’s through Fountain Plaza and down to River Road or just a short walk along the river from the Aquarium.



Mysterious Mansion

mysterious mansionThe Mysterious Mansion has scares from beginning to end. The facade is very creepy.  It’s dark.  This place smells spooky and sounds spooky.  You have to find your way out of each room.   it really adds to the suspense when you have to find your way out of some of the rooms with the anticipation of the creepers jumping out at you .   Be prepared for unexpected animatronics as well as loud sounds and real people who appear or jump out or scale down a wall in front of you!!!

It is less expensive than some other attractions in Gatlinburg.  The mansion is a block off the main strip on River Road (The Spur).

Some reviews complained about it being short staffed at times.  Which means less people to scare you.

Address:  424 River Rd., Gatlinburg, TN 37738