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Gatlinburg Heritage Museum

The Gatlinburg History Museum highlights a century of the arts and crafts community in Gatlinburg.  The exhibit features a collection of handcrafted items by generations of Gatlinburg families including furniture, fabric and other functional items.  Community organizations and businesses also made significant contributions that add to the story.

The Gatlinburg History Museum is located at traffic light #5 in Downtown Gatlinburg. Visitors can find the museum in an area to the right of the ticket counter at Ripley’s Aquarium. For hours of operation, please call (800) 588-1817 and ask about the museum exhibit.

458 Parkway, Carousel Gardens, Gatlinburg, TN 37738-3018


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Little Pigeon River


The Little Pigeon River, which got its name because the birds seemed to favor the area, has long been at the center of Pigeon Forge’s beauty and history.  Little Pigeon River is located entirely within Sevier County, Tennessee and is made up of a series of streams which flow together on the dividing line between Tennessee and North Carolina inside the boundary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.   parksign

The river is subdivided with three separate tributaries: East, Middle, and West.  The East Prong is paralleled for most of its length by State Route 416, and the Middle Prong emerges from the Greenbrier  area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.   Six miles of mostly gravel road follow the river and its tributaries into the upper Greenbrier area.  The Greenbrier area of the park is renowned for its wildflowers.  Greenbrier-Mountain-Stream

The West Prong is far better known because it drains the major tourist towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.   The West Prong of the river has helped to provide the area with fresh ground corn and wheat from the Old Mill located along its banks. This is a central meeting place for the communOld-Mill-Pigeon-Forge-TNity and place to enjoy the scenic view that makes Pigeon Forge so special.

In the old days, the Mill was the heart of the community and served as a gathering spot for villagers. During the Civil War, looms were set up on the second floor to make woven articles for soldiers. The area around the Old Mill was first settled by pioneers in the early 1800s.  William Love dammed up the Little Pigeon River and began construction of the first building of the Old Mill.   The mill has been in continuous daily operation since its completion in 1830.  William Love utilized 40-foot-long, 14″-by-14″ Yellow Poplar logs, which are clearly visible even today. Huge river rocks serve as pillars to support the structure. This is one of the most photographed structures in Tennessee.smoky-mountain-outdoors-whitewater-raftingRiver_Romp_Tubes_and_Kayaks_Rentals_(002)

Besides the beauty and history of the Little Pigeon River, there are many activities on and in the river.  People can enjoy White Water Rafting, Gatlinburg’s Annual River Raft Regatta, Fly Fishing, Tubing and countless other activities.






The Tomb

tombThe TOMB is an interactive expedition deep into an ancient Egyptian tomb for 45 minutes of excitement. Your group (about 16 people) will find themselves trapped by the spirit of an ancient Pharaoh and face challenges. To make it out your group must work together to complete the tasks or face the Pharaoh’s wrath!

This adventure has mixed reviews.  The most complaints are about the short length of time for the money.  It seems to be geared toward 8 – 15 yr olds.

Address – 2350 Parkway, Suite . Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Website –


Longest Swinging Bridge in America

Swinging bridges have long been used in the Appalachian Mountains for folks to get from one mountain to another in the shortest amount of time. These bridges are made of steel cable, wood, rock, and a lot of sweat. The fun thing about a swinging bridge is that they really do swing, and while completely safe to cross, they are a bit scary.

At Foxfire Mountain you can cross the longest swinging bridge in swinging bridge foxfireAmerica.  This bridge goes from the base camp at Foxfire Mountain across Dunn’s Gorge to Prosperity Mountain. The bridge, known as America’s Bridge to Prosperity, is 4 feet wide and over 400 feet long (one and a third times the distance from goal post to goal post across a football field).

The Bridge Adventure at Foxfire Mountain includes the Bridge to Prosperity followed by a covered walking bridge, where you can hang a wish to blow in the winds of prosperity.   Hidden in the trees is a new tree canopy walk, a series of rope bridges strung through the trees. Hike your way up to the Lost Mine Falls and cool off in the mists below. Watch as other guests zip overhead.  The trail also leads to the smaller Cliffhanger Swinging Bridge which is only 30 ft. long but goes over the top of the falls, so you can peer 60 feet below into the pooling water. The entire bridge experience takes about one hour.

The street address is Foxfire Mountain, 3757 Thomas Lane, Sevierville, TN 37876.  The web address is  This article was taken from their website.

Gatlinburg has now built a swinging bridge which is even longer than this one.